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Support and resources for English language learners and international students.

Teaching Matters Workshops

Comprehensive general pedagogy workshops for faculty and graduate students.

TA Orientation

Covering best teaching practices and policies

Faculty Seminar Series

A workshop series grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Center for Research on Teaching Excellence

Students Assessing Teaching and Learning (SATAL) Program

Assessment support for faculty and academic programs.

Faculty Focus

Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful

1. Study the knowledge base of teaching and learning.

Thinking Horizontally and Vertically About Blended Learning

Blended learning has gone from being an interesting new hybrid of traditional and online courses to being an expected part of American education. When the Sloan Consortium last studied blended learning in 2007, it found “a lot of room for growth” in the market for blended courses. It found “consumer preference for online and blended delivery far exceeds reported experience,” indicating that demand was ahead of supply at that point.

Teaching Practices Inventory Provides Tool to Help You Examine Your Teaching

Here’s a great resource: the Teaching Practices Inventory. It’s an inventory that lists and scores the extent to which research-based teaching practices are being used. It’s been developed for use in math and science courses, but researchers Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert suggest it can be used in engineering and social sciences courses, although they have not tested it there. I suspect it has an even wider application.