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Writing in the Disciplines Final Projects

Picture Forthcoming

Recipients of the "Writing in the Disciplines" Certificate

Congratulations to: John Bunce, Kathleen Cadden, Mariaelena Gonzalez, David Hambley, Yogita Maharaj, Tessa McIntire, Michael Odom, Tanvi Patel, and Matt Snyder

Recipients of the Certificate were required to: attend one three-hour seminar and four additional one-hour workshops, and complete a final project that included three components:

1) (pick one) a writing assignment for a course you teach; or a peer feedback activity for a writing assignment; or a rubric for assessing student writing

2) a working bibliography of 6-8 scholarly and other sources related to teaching writing in your discipline; the entries should be formatted according to the standards of your own discipline, but do NOT need to be annotated

3) a 250-word personal reflection about how participating in the certificate series has impacted your approach to teaching/assigning/grading writing.




John Bunce    
Kathleen Cadden    
Mariaelena Gonzalez    
David Hambley    
Yogita Maharaj    
Tessa McIntire    
Michael Odom    
Tanvi Patel    
Matt Snyder