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Mentoring Teaching Assistants (2011-12)

Theme: "Mentoring Teaching Assistants" (2011-12)
Date Workshop Description
Thu, 9/15, 12-1pm, AOB 115 Freshman Year Experience (FYE) Welcome Meeting Carrie Menke (Physics) and Angela Winek (Merritt Writing Program) will present on FYE challenges and solutions from 2010-2011, with a conclusion about the central role TAs play in introductory courses. Join us to learn how you can be involved in supporting freshmen instruction! For more information and instructional resources visit
Wed, 9/28, 12-1pm, KL 360 Colloquium on the Future of Graduate Education: Preparing Future Faculty to Improve Student Learning CRTE staff, Laura Martin and Anne Zanzucchi, will provide a brief overview of how teaching preparation factors into current academic employment priorities. A panel discussion will follow among faculty and graduate students about innovative ways to prepare future faculty for academic careers. (Resource unavailble)
Thu, 10/6, 12-1pm, KL 360 Rethinking the Apprentice Scholar We will discuss “Rethinking the Apprentice Scholar” from The Formation of Scholars, Rethinking Doctoral Education for the 21st Century.
Wed, 10/26, 12-1pm, KL159 Classroom Observation and Mentoring Graduate Student Instruction This session will provide an overview in best practices in classroom observation, with focus on documenting and using feedback to support development in teaching.
Wed, 11/16, 12-1pm, KL 159 Re-craft Your Syllabus Workshop In this syllabus development session, we will explore how assignments, assessments, course policies and use of teaching assistants support your goals for student learning. Leave this workshop having identified strengths and weaknesses in your course design and with ideas for revision.
Thu, 1/26, 12-1pm, KL 159 Freshman Year Experience meeting The Freshman Year Experience faculty committee has drafted guidelines for graduate students to initiate productive meetings with an instructor of record. Join us for further discussion on how to establish classroom practices, setting boundaries and developing teaching goals between teaching assistants and instructors.
Wed, 2/15, 12-1pm, KL 159 Supporting TA grading practices This workshop will provide an overview of formative and summative feedback, with an emphasis on applying rubrics to student work. Recommendable practices for monitoring teaching assistant grading workload and feedback processes will also be addressed.
Thu, 3/1, 12-1pm, KL 159 Mentoring graduate students through the teaching philosophy statement A teaching philosophy statement summarizes key theoretical and practical aspects to instruction. This workshop will provide a basic overview of teaching philosophy statements, with samples to review.
Wed, 3/14, 12-1pm, KL 159 Guiding TA instruction of group work activities Group work is a common activity but difficult pedagogy. This session will address common challenges and provide practical methodologies to ensure TAs have successful experiences managing small group projects.