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TWNM Final Projects

 Congratulations to all the certificate recipients!



Recipients of Teaching with New Media Certificate

Congratulations to: Mariana Abuan, Maria Albert, Yu-Han Chao, Cindy Chavez, Roselia Elkhause, Amy Fenstermaker, Cher Finley, Nicola Lercari, Tessa McIntire, Susan Miller, Dimitrios Mitsotakis, Yazi Navarro, Tanvi Patel, Iris Ruiz, Michelle Toconis

Recipients of the Certificate were required to: attend one 3-hour practicum and four 1-hour workshops, and complete a final project that included a classroom assignment that uses a new media application, a tip sheet regarding use of that new media, and a reflection on how the workshop series impacted their teaching. Below is a repository of final projects.

Teaching with New Media Final Projects


Project Title & Tools Used

Project Descriptions & Materials

Mariana Abuan

Using Google Docs for the First Time in the Classroom

Google Docs, a collaborative tool, provides many key functionalities that can enhance the writing classroom.  Mariana discusses how Google Docs can be used for commenting, peer-reviewing, and group work. 

Maria Albert

Teaching Using Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect, a web-conferencing tool, is employed to expand and enhance the delivery of a course.  Maria demonstrates how Adobe Connect can be used to teach math.

Yu-Han Chao

Using Digital Technology to Achieve MWP Course Learning Outcomes

No doubt new media tools, when effectively employed, can enhance student learning and engagement. Yu-Han provides a comprehensive look at how different tools can be used to achieve course learning outcomes.

Roselia Ekhause

Teaching a Second Language with Technology

There are many online resources that instructors of foreign language can leverage.  Roselia explores three key resources for instructors teaching Spanish.

Amy Fenstermaker

Using Xtranormal to Supplement Writing Assignments

To incorporate new media in traditional writing assignments, Amy asked her students to create an Xtranormal video, and afterwards, to write an analytical paper about how they went about creating the video.

Cheryl Finley

A Multi-Genre Extended Definition Writing Assignment with a "Techi Twist"

Xtranormal, a video animation tool, can spice up an essay assignment.  In the webinar Cheryl explains what is entailed in the assignment along with helpful tips and strategies.

Nicola Lercari

Videostorify: How to Employ Video Narratives in Your Course

Videostorify is a powerful approach to helping students learn about narratives through the use of videos.

Tessa McIntire

New Media in the Core Curriculum

Core 1 is UCM's general education course. Tessa's project looks at how new media tools can be used in the course.

Susan Miller

Using Xtranormal to Help Students Learn Argumentation

Susan uses Xtranormal, a video animation tool, to help her students better understand argumentation.

Dimitrios Mitsotakis

Using Mightybell for Introductory Numerical Analysis

Mightybell, a multimedia platform, is used as a course management system for an Introductory Numerical Analysis courses.

Yazi Navarro

Using Pinterest for Human Resources Department

Pinterest, a virtual posterboard, is commonly used for collecting online resources around a topic. Yazi created three Pinterest boards as part of her unit's resources for employees, managers, and administrators.

Tanvi Patel

Using Xtranormal in the Writing Classroom

Writing instructors can employ Xtranormal to increase student engagement. Tanvi explains how this tool can be used in the writing classroom.

Iris Ruiz

Using Facebook Page to Facilitate Learning


Instructors can employ the use of Facebook Page/Group to facilitate peer review, build community, and workshop.

Facilitating class via a Facebook Page

Sharing Google Drive document on a Facebook Page

Example of a Facebook Page for writing class

Michelle Toconis

Wikis as a Classroom Collaboration Tool


PBWorks, a wiki tool, serves as a great technology for classroom collaboration activities, including peer-commenting and group research projects.