Spring 2017 Grammar Workshops

           Spring 2017 Grammar Workshop Schedule. 

All workshops meet on Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 2:20pm, in COB #262, beginning January 25th.

Graduate students, undergraduates, post-docs, faculty, staff, and spouses welcome. Come to any one workshop or many! Handouts provided.

Click for a PRINTABLE PDF of the schedule! 


Jan. 25:  Prepositions (in/on/at and from/of/to/for)

Learn easy patterns for correctly using the prepositions above.

Feb. 01: Articles (a/an/the)

Choosing from a, an, the, and no article at all gives many non-native speakers trouble. Help is here!

Feb. 08: Phrasal Verbs & Word Groups

Knowing the groups of verb + preposition combinations helps accuracy. You'll receive lists of grouped combos and learn some patterns to help you remember!

Feb. 15: Avoiding Subject/Verbs Agreement Errors

Subject/verb agreement and pronoun agreement are today's topics. Think you've got this? Come find out.

Feb. 22: Run-ons and Sentence Fragments

Avoid common errors by recognizing if sentences are too long or incomplete.

Mar. 01: Multiple Ways to Connect Sentences & Ideas

Learn sentence structure secrets for writing a cohesive text!

Mar. 08: Phrases vs. Clauses 

The distinction is simple, yet many don't know it. After this workshop, you will know the difference, which will help your writing. 

Mar. 15: Use Commas Like a Pro

When should you use commas, and when shouldn't you use them? After this workshop, you might start noticing other people's comma errors!

Mar. 22: Avoiding Common ESL Writing Mistakes

This is an overview of the most common errors university writers make. 

Mar. 29: Spring Break

Apr. 05: Those Pesky Adjective Clauses

Adjective clauses, which describe things, come in several flavors. You'll get an overview of the more common and less common types, and learn when you need to include commas around them. 

Apr. 12: Write with a Variety of Sentence Types

Mixing simple, compound and complex sentences makes writing more interesting to read. Do you know your writing style? You are invited to bring a sample of your writing to this workshop.

Apr. 19: When to Use Active vs. Passive Voice

Learn guidelines related to tense and active/passive voice use, the two areas people struggle with most. Hedging might be included.

Apr. 26: Colons, Semicolons, and Apostrophes

If you learn how to correctly use these three useful punctuation marks, you will impress your professor. 

May 03: Say the Same Thing in a Different Way

We'll keep the idea the same while changing the sentence structure in a variety of ways.

Students matching words to prepositions in 2015

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