Spring 2017 Pronunciation & Fluency Workshops

English Pronunciation & Fluency Workshops

Tuesdays, 12:00-12:50pm, in COB 262

Each interactive workshop is open to undergrads, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, staff, and spouses who speak English as a second language. Handouts provided.

Jan 24:

Secrets to Understanding Spoken English                                               

Jan 31: 

Pronunciation of R, L, & RL

Feb 07: 

Pronunciation of TH, F, V, P, B

Feb 14:

Pronunciation of V/W, Ch/Sh/Zh      

Feb 21:

Pronunciation of Final Consonants

Feb 28:

Pronunciation of Long Vowels & Combinations

Mar 07:

Pronunciation of Short Vowels

Mar 14:

Word Stress

Mar 21:

No workshop

Mar 28:

Spring Break (no workshop)                                                               

Apr. 04:

Sentence Stress

Apr. 11:

American Patterns of Intonation

Apr. 18:

Fluency Practice – Linking, Blending & Speed

Apr. 25:

Fluency Practice – Conversation Skills

May 02:

Fluency Practice – Presenting


For more info, email Belinda Braunstein at bbraunstein@ucmerced.edu